Yesterday SeaWorld announced a brand new attraction for SeaWorld San Diego, entitled Ocean Explorer. The attraction is scheduled to begin construction this summer with an opening of late spring 2017 – probably in time for Memorial Day, as the company has scheduled openings in the past to coincide with that weekend.

But what exactly is this huge new attraction? Let’s take a look.


The attraction was first teased on November 9, 2015, during SeaWorld’s Investor Day, where they revealed plans for several new attractions, such as a new educational orca experience at SeaWorld San Diego – which will also be opening in 2017. You can see the whole presentation here.

Ocean Explorere will be a 3-acre area of the park (a “land” in Disney theme park parlance) which will take over the location shown below.

2016-02-16 15.06.53.jpg

The area’s main feature will be a “submarine” ride and a “swinger” ride. Three family rides will also be a part of the area, making for a grand total of five rides.

Various aquariums with animals such as jellyfish, octopi and Japanese spider crabs will be in the area, with unique ways for people – especially kids – to see and learn about these animals. These aquariums will be dubbed “Research Pods”.

That’s about all we know right now. Plans have been submitted to the California Coastal Commission and the City of San Diego, so we will share those as soon as we find them.

UPDATE: SeaWorld has filed a trademark for Ocean Explorer, which is described as a “themed area”, confirming previous speculation that the name is for the entire area, not a single ride.


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