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Summertime is a very exciting time at any theme park, but especially at SeaWorld parks. This is going to be a big summer for the San Diego location, even though the park will not be opening any major new attractions. Let’s take a look at why that is.

  • Ocean Explorer construction starts: SeaWorld has confirmed that construction for Ocean Explorer, a new themed area, will be starting this summer. The attraction is likely to open on Memorial Day weekend next year.
  • The final season of One Ocean: According to trainers, One Ocean will be running through the summer and possibly a few months longer before it gives way to the new orca presentation coming next year.
  • New show opening in June: In previous years, SeaWorld has had a nightly “club” called Club Atlantis. Despite it never being very popular, SeaWorld is hiring performers for a new club called “Club Vibes”, which will be a “high-energy, teen-focused dance party”. The show will open June 25, almost a month after the other summer festivities begin.



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