Photo credits to SeaWorld.

We’re here with our first installment of AskOA! Michael asked us about a show called The Dolphin Experience in 2009, where the dolphins and pilot whales were performing at Shamu Stadium. Thanks for the question, Michael!

From 2009 to spring of 2010, Dolphin Stadium at SeaWorld San Diego was under construction as the new set was constructed for Blue Horizons, which would be replacing the long-running Dolphin Discovery show. The construction and demolition was substantial, which meant the dolphins and pilot whales couldn’t stay in their home.

At the same time, SeaWorld San Diego only had six orcas at Shamu Stadium, as opposed to the eleven killer whales who call the stadium home now. There was plenty of room to move the show dolphins and the pilot whales into Shamu Stadium, while still being able to keep the species separate. And so the animals were moved into Shamu Stadium while the new set for the new show was being constructed.

The Dolphin Experience was the interim dolphin show, which was performed in the main show pool at Shamu Stadium until January of 2010, when the dolphins were presumably moved back to Dolphin Stadium while the finishing touches were put on the set. It was more educational and also provided a sneak peek at Blue Horizons.

We’ve assembled a playlist so you can watch the full show, which is on YouTube in four parts. You can watch that playlist here. Enjoy!

Do you have your own SeaWorld or animal related questions?


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