On Sunday, January 8, 2017, huge crowds attended the final One Ocean show at SeaWorld San Diego. The show closed to make way for the brand new, educational Orca Encounter.

Fans lined up for hours just to get in, and the line wound all throughout the park.

Those who were able to watch the show were treated to free commemorative hats.

Attendees were given a special preshow, which included previews for upcoming attractions.

A brand new sneak peek of Orca Encounter was presented.

The show was a perfect ending to the era of theatrical shows at the first SeaWorld park. Out of the 11 whales at the park, only one (Ulises) did not participate in the show. Former trainers came from other areas of the park to participate. The atmosphere was perfect. The love and enthusiasm from the audience could be felt throughout the show.



From the six-whale opening backdive to the trainers dancing and having fun on stage, it felt like a heartfelt celebration and gave many fans hope for what’s coming next.


You can watch the full show below.

One SeaWorld fan made a fantastic tribute.

The local media joined the celebration, too.

CW6 San Diego presented a 25-minute special for local audiences.

And the San Diego Union-Tribune gave the finale a touching tribute, which can be watched here.
Special thanks to Daniel for allowing us to use his beautiful photos.


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