Back in January, SeaWorld San Diego announced a new coaster coming in 2018 called “Electric Eel” that would round out the park’s new Ocean Explorer area scheduled to open in late spring of 2017. Details, however, are relatively scarce, except for information provided on the park’s website and press release. We’ve discovered new information and we’re giving you a first look.

The document providing the new information is a briefing booklet for a San Diego city meeting at which SeaWorld presented the new attraction. SeaWorld’s targeted date for Electric Eel’s completion is May 2018. The booklet provides information about the coaster and its visual impact outside of the park (photo simulation shown below), something that is important since the park is right on Mission Bay and locals worry about their views being obstructed.


SeaWorld animal lovers will be happy to note that educational displays will be incorporated into the ride. Signage will educated about the ride’s namesake, and an interactive game will allow “guests to power a virtual deep sea drone through a marine environment while learning facts about animals”. This game sounds similar to technology used in the upcoming Submarine Quest ride.

Electric Eel will have a very central location in the park – as shown in the image below, it will be located between Journey to Altantis, Wild Arctic, Pets Stadium and will flow right into the rest of the Ocean Explorer realm.

You can browse the whole booklet here.


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