Last week a new dolphin show, Dolphin Days, premiered at SeaWorld Orlando. Dolphin Days replaced the long running show Blue Horizons that featured acrobatics and a storyline – both of which Dolphin Days does not have. Dolphin Days does include most, if not all of the dolphin behaviors that were found in Blue Horizons. The new show is reminiscent of the the dolphin show that was before Blue Horizons, Key West Dolphin Fest. New to this show is a focus on presenting the dolphins individually by demonstrating each of their own strengths.


The show Dolphin Days has already been at SeaWorld San Diego for a couple of years. Though it has the same name and the overall same concept as its new counterpart in Orlando, there are some differences between the two shows. Different music is played and only Orlando features birds in the show while only San Diego features pilot whales in the show. In addition, SeaWorld Orlando now has even more focus than San Diego when it comes to bringing attention to the individual dolphins. Not only is the audience told the dolphin’s name, but they’re also told about its individual characteristics and personality, such as a dolphin being the patriarch of the pod, being the fastest swimmer, enjoys playing with toys, etc.


Despite many missing Blue Horizons, Dolphin Days in the past week has overall received positive feedback. The pilot whales will not be a part of this show making this the first dolphin show ever at SeaWorld Orlando that includes only only one species of cetacean – the bottlenose dolphin. Dolphin Days is a welcome addition to SeaWorld Orlando and will bring awareness and amazement to guests for years to come.


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