Last Wednesday, at 2:33 PM, Takara gave birth to a killer whale calf. A little over a year after SeaWorld’s announcements, the calf’s birth will be the final orca born at any SeaWorld park.

Takara’s pregnancy was announced at the same time as the March announcements in 2016. Throughout the year, she has gained almost 700 pounds. Although unconfirmed right now, the father is assumed to be Kyuquot, due to his higher social ranking over Tuar, and the fact that he and Takara were seen mating during a show once.

The calf appears to be healthy, and despite its young age, it has been observed swimming off on its own, and looking out over its new environment. However, it is still dependent on Takara for nourishment and safety.
On Saturday, the calf was introduced to its 2 older sisters, Sakari and Kamea. The two have seemed to accept the calf, and were seen swimming alongside it and their mother.

As of right now, the gender, weight, length, and name are still unknown. Most likely, the trainers will wait until a DNA test is run to confirm the gender. Only then will they start considering names. Length will also probably be discovered once the calf is comfortable enough with the trainers to be measured. Weight will also be recorded once the calf is capable of performing a slide out behavior.

The OAN team congratulates SeaWorld San Antonio on this new addition, and we can’t wait to see it grow!



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