Featured image credit to Flippers and Feathers. Used with permission.

In March of 2017, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation recommended that a bylaw be proposed which would ban the keeping of cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium, a Vancouver institution since the 1950s. On May 15, 2017, the Board is expected to vote on this bylaw, and VanAqua is asking for the public’s support.

Vancouver Aquarium currently cares for three cetaceans, all of which were rescued and deemed non-releasable. Helen, a Pacific white-sided dolphin, was rescued off Japan after becoming entangled in nets. Her pectoral fins are partially amputated. Chester, a false killer whale, and Daisy, a harbor porpoise, both stranded when they were young and were unable to be successfully reintroduced.

van aqua 2
Helen, the Pacific white-sided dolphin, has partially amputated pectoral fins as a result of entanglement in nets. Photo by Flippers and Feathers. Used with permission.


Vancouver Aquarium is a well-known, well-established, accredited institution with an important rescue program. A ban on cetaceans at the facility could result in future injured or stranded cetaceans having to be euthanized instead of being given a second chance at life at Vancouver Aquarium.

You can help to protect the animals that are currently living at the aquarium as well as any that might need help in the future by clicking here, and be sure to ask your friends and family to do the same. You can share your support and ask followers to write in by sharing on social media using the hashtag #ISupportVanAqua.


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