Announcement – Orca Action Network

After careful consideration, the Orca Action Network team has chosen not to continue working on the site.

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Help Us Support Vancouver Aquarium!

Featured image credit to Flippers and Feathers. Used with permission.

In March of 2017, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation recommended that a bylaw be proposed which would ban the keeping of cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium, a Vancouver institution since the 1950s. On May 15, 2017, the Board is expected to vote on this bylaw, and VanAqua is asking for the public’s support.

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Last orca calf born at SeaWorld San Antonio

Last Wednesday, at 2:33 PM, Takara gave birth to a killer whale calf. A little over a year after SeaWorld’s announcements, the calf’s birth will be the final orca born at any SeaWorld park.

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SeaWorld San Antonio debuts Texas Untamed!

SeaWorld has always championed conservation, hoping that through connection they will inspire others to make a difference in this world. However, many have thought conservation as something referring to exotic locations such as Madagascar or Africa. However, Texas Untamed aims to prove that environmentalism can take place outside your front door.

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SeaWorld San Antonio Hosts 2017 Run for the Fund

Every year, SeaWorld San Antonio has hosted a running event to sponsor their work in conservation. It echoes the Dream Big 5K, as well as the Run in Busch Gardens. Though traditionally held in fall, this year’s, the 7th annual, was hosted during the celebration of Wild Days to truly highlight the need for conservation.

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New SeaWorld Orlando Show ‘Dolphin Days’ Debuts

Last week a new dolphin show, Dolphin Days, premiered at SeaWorld Orlando. Dolphin Days replaced the long running show Blue Horizons that featured acrobatics and a storyline – both of which Dolphin Days does not have. Dolphin Days does include most, if not all of the dolphin behaviors that were found in Blue Horizons. The new show is reminiscent of the the dolphin show that was before Blue Horizons, Key West Dolphin Fest. New to this show is a focus on presenting the dolphins individually by demonstrating each of their own strengths. Continue reading “New SeaWorld Orlando Show ‘Dolphin Days’ Debuts”

Wild Days with Jack Hanna

During Spring break, world famous “Jungle Jack” Hanna visited SeaWorld San Antonio to educate visitors about the need for conservation and zoos in today’s world. A proud SeaWorld supporter, he has used his position to advocate awareness of SeaWorld’s and other zoo’s impact on the wild, through real and amazing experiences.

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