CK- Owner and Main Author

My nickname is CK. I’m a passionate SeaWorld supporter who created this site as a way to spread news to other fans, as well as to empower other fans to speak up for what they believe in. I pay SeaWorld for the privilege of going to their parks – they do not pay and have not paid me anything. You can follow me on Twitter at @classykalia.

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Akula – Conservation Lover

Hello, I’m Akula! I’m a zookeeping volunteer at a small zoo in Indiana, and I am very passionate about animals and conservation. SeaWorld played a huge part in this; they are the facility that caused me to dream of working with animals since 2006, despite not actually visiting until 2009! This dream that they gave me is what led me to my current zoo, my dedication to conservation, and my love for orcas. Follow me on Twitter @AkulaEcho.


Michael G. – SeaWorld Orlando & Abu Dhabi Reporter

I’ve been a lifelong animal lover and have been a supporter of and visitor to SeaWorld since I was five years old. Living near SeaWorld Orlando, I’m fortunate to be able to visit SeaWorld and Aquatica many times throughout the year and in doing so, I’m able to provide Orca Action Network with news, updates and more regarding SeaWorld Orlando developments. I am very interested in development projects in the United Arab Emirates and am very familiar with the international theme park industry so I have and will continue to research SeaWorld’s recently announced park in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and will share what I learn here on Orca Action Network. I love being able to contribute to Orca Action Network so I can share my knowledge of animals, especially orcas, and SeaWorld with readers who love them as much as I do.

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Scarlett – SeaWorld San Antonio Reporter

Hello, I’m Scarlett. I’ve been a lifelong SeaWorld supporter and ambassador, living my dream and being able to educate others about the challenges facing some of the greatest animals in the world. Living incredibly close to SeaWorld San Antonio, I’ve been able to follow a passion that first inspired me when I was 6 years old watching a show called “Believe”. As a photographer, artist, and writer, I aim to share my SeaWorld Story. Currently, I am working on a webnovel called “Something for Greater”, a story about a rescued orca calf. You can follow me on my Twitter @HowlOrca and Instagram @HowlOrca_.